Control Electronics SCE2000
Control Electronics SCE2000

The SCE2000 device is a universal, highly integrated control unit which is used in almost all HKR power electronics components. Its usage spectrum ranges from current controlled traction drives with integrated slide and slip protection, speed controlled drive systems, single or triphase on board supply systems to DC/DC – converters and battery chargers with freely configurable charging characteristics.

Special Features
  • Field oriented current control – maximum torque even at zero speed 
  • Integrated slide and slip protection
  • V/f control for compressors and other auxiliary drives
  • Speed control for example for grinding drives
  • Voltage and frequency control for single or triphase on board supply systems
  • Voltage and frequency control for  DC/DC-converters
  • Control for battery chargers with with freely configurable charging characteristics and various monitoring options
  • Field bus coupling CANopen or Profibus (Option)
  • Service Interface RS232, RS485
  • 12 isolated digital inputs, 6 outputs
  • 5 analog inputs, 4 analog outputs
  • Evaluation of various speed sensors
  • Motor temperature monitoring

The firmware offers an extensive library of predefined function modules that can be mostly freely combined. Therefore it is highly flexible and allows the realization of diverse applications. The parameter configuration can be done via the handheld input device or via a WINDOWS® based service and diagnosis program.

In- and outputs can be preset with any process data for system monitoring and control.

The function scope of the firmware is documented in function plans and a parameter list.

A powerful service and diagnostic tool simplifies commissioning, maintenance and trouble-shooting. It supports import and readout of parameter sets, the modification of parameters as well as monitoring and recording of actual values and process data. For trouble-shooting and optimization of controller settings a 4-channel oscilloscope function is available.

Ein leistungsfähiges Service- und Diagnosetool vereinfacht Inbetriebnahme, Wartung und Fehlersuche. Es unterstützt das Ein- und Auslesen von Parametersätzen, die Modifikation von Parametern, sowie die Überwachung und Aufzeichnung von Istwerten und Prozessdaten.
Zur Fehlersuche und für die Optimierung von Reglereinstel-lungen steht eine vierkanalige Oszilloskop-Funktion zur Verfügung.