About us

Quality is the overriding goal of HKR. Our experienced team is continuously working towards this goal. From the development stage through planning all the way to production we ensure that our products and services meet the highest expectations. Our flexible and modular solutions enable us to cover all customer specific requirements. And if changes should be necessary, we can adapt our solutions fast and efficiently. This guarantees that our products live up to their supreme reputation and our customers are entirely satisfied with our services.

Sales – Development – Production – Testing – Roll Out

HKR GMBH – Prüfung
HKR GMBH – Produktion
HKR GMBH – Prüfung
HKR GMBH – Teststation
HKR GMBH – Produktion
HKR GMBH – Assemblierung
HKR GMBH – Versand
HKR GMBH – Versand

2016 – 2017

Expansion of development and laboratory area, inclusion of vibrating table and EMC test facility


Expansion of test stations for variable feed and other device testing

2007 – 2011

Investment in order to optimise individual manufacturing areas to achieve increased flexibility and production depth. Among others, this includes:

  • semi automatic inductance test station
  • semi automatic inductance dip coating unit
  • power testing station for power inverters


HKR successfully certify their QM system


Extension of product spectrum by sector Traction. Cooperation agreement between HKR GmbH and REFU elektronik

2003 + 2012

Building extensions to now 3,500 sqm to increase production, storage and development areas


Production of first own magnetically soft iron powder cores under product name HaKRon®


New building in Gewerbestraße and change of legal entity into a GmbH (Ltd)


Expansion of product range by inductance for power electronics


Company foundation by Horst and Karin Rauscher. Production of mains filters, wiring looms and cable assemblies as well as device assembly.