Traction Inverter HTW 304
Rated power:311kVA
Input voltage:750V DC +/-30%
Efficiency:approx. 97%
Output current:450A continual
Overload capacity:600A for 60s
Brake chopper:400kW continual
Peak performance: 650kW
Dimensions:1400 x 400 x 400mm (H x W x D)
Degree of protectionIP0
Cooling:Water cooled
Ambient temperature:-25°C ... 40°C
Storage temperature:-40°C ... 70°C
Operating mode:Field oriented current control, V/f operation
Speed sensors:Incremental encoder, resolver, Sin/cos encoder
Interfaces:RS 232, RS 485, Profibus (Option), CAN (Option), Synchrolink (Option)
Control ports:12 isolated digital inputs, 5 analog inputs
6 isolated digital outputs, 4 analog outputs
Motor temperature:KTY, PTC,

The traction inverter HTW 304 is also available as special design for various mounting conditions. Upon request it can be mounted in a cabinet or a customer specific container.