Inverter for on-board power supply

For single or triphase on board supply systems with constant voltage, constant frequency and variable current limitation. The units can optionally be fitted with a synchronisation device that enables connectivity with existing circuits.

Rated power:42kVA to 69kVA
Input voltage:600V / 750V DC +/-30%
Output voltage:0 ... 0,72 x U1 3AC
Efficiency:approx. 97%
Output current:60A to 100A continual
Degree of protection:IP2
Overload capacity:125% for 60s
Output frequency:Up to 400Hz
Dimensions:645 x 365 x 300mm (H x W x D)
Weight:approx. 54kg
Ambient temperature:-25°C ... 40°C
Storage temperature:-40°C ... 70°C
Operating mode:synchronised, isolated operation
Interfaces:RS 232, RS 485, Profibus (Option), CAN (Option), Synchrolink (Option)
Control ports:12 isolated digital inputs, 5 analog inputs
6 isolated digital outputs, 4 analog outputs
Motor temperature:KTY, PTC,

In combination with a VF series sinus filter and a triphase isolating transformer out-of-balance capable three-phase on board supply systems like for example 400V /230V 50/60Hz can be realized.

HTN 503