HTW – Technical Features
Integrated anti slide and anti slip protection

The electronic slide and slip protection prevents blocking (sliding) of the wheel sets on braking as well as wheelspin (slipping) on acceleration. Thus wear on wheels and tracks is reduced even under adverse circumstances. The anti slide and slip protection not only increases lifespan and service intervals of tracks and wheels, it also greatly contributes to drive safety and comfort.

Electro Dynamic Braking until Complete Stop

The field oriented current control system ensures that the motor torque exactly follows the preselected target values on acceleration as well as on braking. During this the performance characteristics of the traction inverter are fully available under braking. The resulting braking energy can either be fed back into the contact wire or can be converted into heat in brake resistors. The full braking torque is available all the way to complete standstill and can even be maintained on standstill for example while stopping on an incline or slope without the use of a mechanical brake.

Advance and Return Lock

A special feature of the HTW drive control system is our roll-off lock. It is automatically activated as soon as the vehicle is completely stopped. This roll-off lock prevents the roll-off on slopes or the rollback on inclines even without the use of a mechanical parking break. The roll-off lock is reset as soon as the driver feeds in positive torque to resume driving.

Kinetic Buffering

For short interruptions of the power supply the power electronics components are automatically fed through the kinetic energy of the vehicle. The traction motors work in generator mode and supply the necessary energy to maintain operational mode. Thereby the vehicle is slowly decelerated through the loss of kinetic energy. Upon voltage recovery before complete standstill the drive can be continued without interruption and without error message.

Varying Wheel Diameters

The HTW drive control system takes into account the individually selected wheel set diameter of each axle. Thus the vehicle can be operated with unequal wheel set diameters which facilitates maintenance. This way, customers save time and material. When overhauling the system, there is no need to crop all wheel sets to the same diameter.

Power Limitation and Voltage Regulation

A special controller for power limitation and voltage regulation prevents excessive drops in voltage as well as oscillations in the feed system for example in instances of increased loop resistance. This ensures safe and stable system operation even under demanding circumstances. This controller also prevents stalling of the Diesel engine in adverse load situations on diesel electric vehicles.